The Irish Wolfhound Club of the Willamette Valley (IWCWV) was established in 1975 in the Portland, Oregon area by people dedicated to protecting and improving this wonderful breed. Our primary goals are to promote responsible pet ownership; furnish mentoring and education, provide rescue or rehoming of Irish Wolfhounds in need and to present Irish Wolfhounds in a favorable light without exploiting them.

Our members are involved in all areas of the sport of dogs; showing dogs in conformation exhibition, obedience and rally competition, lure coursing events, breeding, training and therapy dog visitations. 

One of our main activities is our Annual Fun Match held on the last Saturday of September. The Match has something for EVERY Irish Wolfhound lover. We hold a sweepstakes competition for young hounds, a conformation fun match, special classes for our Veterans, our Companion hounds and obedience and rally classes. We hold an amazing AUCTION with wonderful items to buy and support our Rescue efforts. A huge potluck lunch and dinner makes the day complete.


Rescue of any Irish Wolfhound in need has been a major focus of this club for decades. It may mean getting a Wolfhound out of a shelter, or perhaps rehoming due to death in the family, divorce or the loss of a job. It may be a dog that is wandering loose in a neighborhood. Our rescue coordinators work with the dog, have it evaluated by a veterinarian, spayed or neutered as needed and evaluating temperament and all pertinent history. Matching up the right home from the people who have submitted an application for a rescue hound is a big job and we take as much time as we need to make the right match. Fortunately, we only see and average of between 1-3 placements per year. 


From sharing basics with a novice owner to connecting owners with veterinarians experienced in Irish Wolfhounds, our members are ready to answer ANY question regarding Wolfhounds. Feel free to contact us at any time to be connected with a member who can answer your questions. Care and feeding, training, behavior concerns, health concerns and even what vehicle to consider for your Wolfhound are all things we can help with! Our members also participate in Parades, Festivals and Pet Fairs to give the general public an opportunity to meet and learn about this unique breed. 


For those seeking a responsible breeder, please contact us to get referrals to members who can guide you thru selecting a breeder and purchasing a puppy. If you would like to visit some Wolfhounds, contact us to set up a visit with one of our member’s hounds. 

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